Trash Cans

Trash, garbage, refuse: no matter how you word it, the fact is that it has to be taken away. According to Wikipedia, prehistoric man collected garbage into mounds (called middens.) As civilization advanced, it became more apparent that a better refuse disposal system was needed. In my youth, there were aluminum cans into which people pitched all waste and trash. There were no plastic trash bags so paper bags from the grocery stores became the holder of all things considered refuse. All too often families just skipped over the use of a bag and put the dregs straight into the cans. I believe that is why rats were more of a problem because they were drawn to the stench.That was a sorry and smelly mess that created the need to wash trash containers on a regular basis. Frequent washing of the metal cans led to rusting. Not an ideal solution, to say the least! The methods we use in modern times are certainly better due to professional companies that supply larger and more weather resistant trash containers, such as dumpster rentals St. Pete. Of Course, the use of plastic trash bags has vastly improved the ways in which we can dispose of our garbage. The expense of the plastic bags is a fair trade for not having to scour out our own individual receptacles…a very unpleasant task. Dragging household garbage bins to the street has pretty much replaced the system where garbage trucks went through the alleys and picked everything up. I suppose there are still some alleys around but curb pickup is so much more civilized. The biggest drawback is having to constantly remind and encourage our youngsters to pull those cans out to the street before the trash company arrives. I’m thinking the best incentive would be to try an allowance plan…one in which no money will be handed out until the chore is done and therefore, has been earned. “No trash takeout, no cash intake.”

The New World

It’s amazing how far the world has come. Operators once ran switchboards for phone calls, then along came dial phones followed by push buttons. Crystal radio sets, I’ve been told, were once the family entertainment soon to be replaced by radio then on to television, which in itself advanced from seven inch screens, black and white three channels to fifty two inches or more, color and cable wiring. Phonographs advanced to stereos and now music comes from all electronic sources. In the 1990’s along came the Web TV (you couldn’t watch TV and use the Web at the same time.) That was the early version of what we now call a computer. Before the computer came out, no one ever heard of addresses like, or Dictionaries and encyclopedias are pretty much passe because anything can be looked up and researched on the internet. Kids don’t ride bikes as much as they used to or play baseball in the street. Video games have taken over. At one time, if someone were seen talking out on the street when they were alone, it would be assumed that they might have a mental problem. Now everyone walks around with cell phones talking to friends out loud and nobody bats an eye. Telephone booths (like Superman used to change into costume) dotted almost every street corner. There are no booths anymore. No need when all the world carries a cell phone. Even mailboxes have disappeared. The most common mail seems to come via email.


While all of these changes are signs of advancement and proof of how the human brain has the ability to constantly think of new technology , I can’t help but wonder if, in some ways, the world might be better if we didn’t come so far. One thing that has become a drawback is the tendency for people to forego face to face conversation and communicate by the ever present cell phone with its multitude of apps. Oh well, we must take the good with the bad!

My Nephew’s Celebration

My nephew was about to turn six and he wanted to celebrate in a big way. My sister and I had

been researching party ideas and pulled up just about every site imaginable on the internet. Nothing jumped out as being more than the ordinary so we turned to the old fashioned yellow pages for more ideas and still came up with nothing. We asked friends and other family members for suggestions and that didn’t help. I began to think we were crazy for making this such a big ordeal and yet my nephew means the world to me and I really wanted to do something extra special for his birthday. After going through all the other avenues, we came back to the computer and tried a new “search.” Lo and behold, this caption popped up… Something inside me felt excited and my sis and I read the information for this site in detail and, long story short, it turned out to be a perfect match for what we wanted. We were all super glad that we didn’t give up in our search. I learned from that experience that no matter how many brick walls you run into, it’s always wise to push forward and keep trying because, in the long run and to your advantage, you may find yourself in the same position that we did…a winning one! There is an old saying that goes like this: “when one door closes, another opens.” The same applies to almost every situation. If we hang in there and don’t lose hope, good things just might come our way! Whether it’s a small aspiration or a much bigger one, perseverance can help us get there! When my sister and I stayed on point and exhausted every avenue, the results ended in a successful day and, most importantly, a very happy boy!

Common Water Heater Problems 

Your water heater is always under constant stress and pressure that is why it needs nearly constant maintenance, repairs and attention. Professional plumbers recommend that you need to have an inspection or tune-up of your water heater at least every year in order to make sure that it is as healthy and as efficient as ever. However, if you are keeping up with the maintenance and repairs, your water heater will have to be replaced in the course of time. As a matter of fact, being left without any hot water for a given time can be a big problem, so it is very important that if the water is in need for a replacement, you should know it sooner.  

Water Heater Problems

In addition to that, you will likely need a professional and expert to tell you for particular whether your water heater will be needing a replacement or just a repair. Nonetheless, paying close attention to these warning signs can help notify you to any problems which can point to an upcoming or possible collapse. 

Water Heater Age

On average, water heaters have a life that range of about 10 years. This number of years can depend on some factors which include the quickness of repairs and the frequency of maintenance. Without frequent repairs, it is more likely that the lifespan of your water heater could be break into half. When you have a water heater ages 5 years and more, you begin to consider carefully whether it is already time to replace the unit. Furthermore, you may seek help from a professional to inspect your water heater if you have not used it in years. They will just let you understand if you should be worried about any issues and how much longer the water heater will stay functional. 

Leaking Water Heater

Leaks in the water heater can often be fixed but it is very common for leaks to be irreversible. Leaks in your water heater indicates huge problems which can eventually lead to complete breakdown over time. 

Listen for Any Noises

When you hear some loud noises coming from the water heater, it is most likely because of the accumulation of sediments which hinder the passing through of the water. Sometimes, these sediments may be flushed out however, if the issue has gone too big, replacement of the water will be your last choice. Water heater experts will help you decide whether you only need a repair to take care of the current problem or indeed needing a replacement of a new unit. 

Not all puddles you see around the water heater is basically coming from the leak therefore, do not panic. The best way that you can do if you have realized that there is a suspected leak is to contact a professional water heater service provider. These water heater experts will find out where the leaks are, the exact cause of the leak and the ultimate way to move forward. It’s possible that you have to replace a leaked water heater. 

Tips on How to Save Big On Air Conditioning Costs During Summer  

Now that summer has come, most of you spend time outdoors having fun, hanging out with family and friends or even planning that family vacation before the start of school in the next months. While summer days are certainly the time for fun and enjoyment outdoors. The only way to make that happen is to ensure that you have an aircon at home which operates at a high level of efficiency. 

Air Conditioning

It all depends on how cool you want your home to be, you may notice that your bills begin to rise significantly during summer season because you constantly use your aircon more often than before. As a matter of fact, the summer season is the time where you use your air conditioning system almost nonstop. This routine can begin to hurt your wallet as your energy consumption is likely to go on climbing while this only makes sure that your house will always be comfortable and cool. 

You need to manage everything because your air conditioning system may need some repairs or cleaning due to the nonstop use during hot days. The following are some of the few tips to aid you save big money during hot summer months: 

Replace the Old Ones

When you have an old air conditioning system at home, you might need to consider all the advantages which could be on your side by changing it with a newer and more efficient unit. While the cost of changing the old aircon unit may seem daunting, it’s something that may conveniently wind up paying for your monthly energy bills over time. 

A newer and more effective air conditioning unit may not only operate effectively, maintaining your room cooler during hot seasons, but it will more likely have fewer problems which may lead in the need for repair in the months to come due to overheat and malfunction. When you are looking for a replacement aircon unit, consider units that have positive reviews and recommendations, as these units can greatly save more energy than ordinary units. 

Have a Programmable Thermostat

Take the time to turn the thermostat’s temperature up when you are not going home because this can significantly decrease the workload of the system. In addition to that, this might be one of the greatest ways in order to cut down your monthly bills during summer season. However, this also forces you to decide of whether you choose to save extra cash or you choose to come home that is cool and nice instead of waiting for it to be cool once you get home. One way to overcome this enigma is to purchase a programmable thermostat. 

The programmable thermostat will let you set the air conditioning unit to turn off while you are not in your house and have it on before you get back home to make sure you walk into your home that is comfortable and perfect place to stay in. And lastly, this programmable thermostat can be set to deliver airflow into certain rooms of your house, allowing you to keep particular areas of the house cool while not wasting cool air on the areas that you will not be in. 

Most Common Aircon Problems 

You have seen almost all types of aircon problems when it comes to cooling and heating however, there are some problems which you try to run into more frequently than others. The following are few of the most common aircon problems you encountered at home: 

Aircon Problems

  1. Clogged Dryer Vents

The lint from the clothes can be accumulated in the dryer vent over time and be a main fire danger if it is not cleaned out constantly. These other debris and backup of lint restrict the flow of air in the exhaust vents and can eventually cause the whole thing to go lit a fire. 

  1. Small Mice in Air Ducts

Sometimes, your air ducts can be a nesting area for baby mice. Mice can definitely cause serious trouble to you vent systems because the mice chew the air ducts making lots of holes and can also carry some diseases when inhaled. It is very important to eradicate these mice as soon as possible and seal up the portions where they nest. 

  1. Dirty Blower Motor

A dirty blower motor may cause doom to the entire system. The motor windings rely upon the movement of air from your blower motor in order to maintain cool as well as when it’s choke off by dust and dirt, this can lead to overheat of the windings and the motor to malfunction. In addition to that, it can mean the motor to work harder and harder which increases your energy bills significantly. 

  1. Crushed Ducts Leading to Air Restriction

Crushed air ducts decrease the flow of air to your cooling and heating systems and can operate to severely limit their efficiency and capacity. This would mean that some rooms would not be as cold as the other which result to less comfortable room compared to other rooms. 

  1. Dirty Fan Motor

If your fan motor is dirty and not cleaned regularly, it has to run harder in order to do its purpose. This simply means lower efficiency rate and more energy used. Over time, this can cause burn out of your motor, thus, resulting to total system failure and over heat. 

  1. Dirty Ducts

Ensuring your air ducts stay clean will improve the quality of air in your house and help airflow more freely through the vent system which means your HVAC system will operate more efficiently the entire time. Maintaining clean ducts can help you and your guests keep away from asthma and allergies as well. 

  1. Dirty Air Filter

Dirty air filters decrease air flow and cause the whole system to work harder. Because of this, it lowers energy efficiency as well as can lead to several issues in some parts of your air condition unit. Furthermore, it can also cause the accumulation of dust and dirt on some parts of the system. Reduced air flow can result to system failure over time.  

  1. Debris and Dirt from Condenser Coil

The accumulation of dirt, debris and fur on the condenser coils can decrease the efficiency of the whole system by 30%.