Most Common Aircon Problems 

You have seen almost all types of aircon problems when it comes to cooling and heating however, there are some problems which you try to run into more frequently than others. The following are few of the most common aircon problems you encountered at home: 

Aircon Problems

  1. Clogged Dryer Vents

The lint from the clothes can be accumulated in the dryer vent over time and be a main fire danger if it is not cleaned out constantly. These other debris and backup of lint restrict the flow of air in the exhaust vents and can eventually cause the whole thing to go lit a fire. 

  1. Small Mice in Air Ducts

Sometimes, your air ducts can be a nesting area for baby mice. Mice can definitely cause serious trouble to you vent systems because the mice chew the air ducts making lots of holes and can also carry some diseases when inhaled. It is very important to eradicate these mice as soon as possible and seal up the portions where they nest. 

  1. Dirty Blower Motor

A dirty blower motor may cause doom to the entire system. The motor windings rely upon the movement of air from your blower motor in order to maintain cool as well as when it’s choke off by dust and dirt, this can lead to overheat of the windings and the motor to malfunction. In addition to that, it can mean the motor to work harder and harder which increases your energy bills significantly. 

  1. Crushed Ducts Leading to Air Restriction

Crushed air ducts decrease the flow of air to your cooling and heating systems and can operate to severely limit their efficiency and capacity. This would mean that some rooms would not be as cold as the other which result to less comfortable room compared to other rooms. 

  1. Dirty Fan Motor

If your fan motor is dirty and not cleaned regularly, it has to run harder in order to do its purpose. This simply means lower efficiency rate and more energy used. Over time, this can cause burn out of your motor, thus, resulting to total system failure and over heat. 

  1. Dirty Ducts

Ensuring your air ducts stay clean will improve the quality of air in your house and help airflow more freely through the vent system which means your HVAC system will operate more efficiently the entire time. Maintaining clean ducts can help you and your guests keep away from asthma and allergies as well. 

  1. Dirty Air Filter

Dirty air filters decrease air flow and cause the whole system to work harder. Because of this, it lowers energy efficiency as well as can lead to several issues in some parts of your air condition unit. Furthermore, it can also cause the accumulation of dust and dirt on some parts of the system. Reduced air flow can result to system failure over time.  

  1. Debris and Dirt from Condenser Coil

The accumulation of dirt, debris and fur on the condenser coils can decrease the efficiency of the whole system by 30%.  

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