The World is Changing

Does it seem to you as if society in general is getting a tad indifferent these days? I would like to offer a more upbeat picture based on my recent experiences. Tampa is a big city and when out in public, one can’t avoid running into and meeting people of all ages, races and genders. While it’s true that many cashiers and service people are a bit rough around the edges and tend to take their troubles out on others, I have personally found more considerate people in the workplace than I have found who might “ruffle my feathers.” I have been offered assistance and friendly chit chat multiple times from people I have never met and possibly may never meet again. For every one rude individual I might come across, there are at least three that make my day a little easier.


For instance, I have been using a cane more lately on my outings to the stores and other public places and people have held the door open for me on countless occasions. Once, after putting all my groceries on the checkout counter in a major store, I had trouble finding my credit card which had slipped to the very bottom of my purse. Everything was already rung up and, needless to say, I was embarrassed and flustered with the situation. I so appreciated the way that the cashier treated me. She was patient and calmed me down. Then she bagged the groceries and kept them on the side so I could step away and go through my purse to locate my charge card. I did find it and she asked the next person in line to please wait a moment so that I could pay for my purchases.

On another occasion, I encountered more than one helpful person while shopping in a smaller store (yes! I was shopping yet again!.) On the way into the place, one gentlemen waited a few seconds for me to get to the door and proceeded to hold it open for me. Foolishly, when I was checking out, I had taken my own little carrier to tote all the things that I purchased but I got the carrier jammed into the bottom of the shopping cart and was struggling to get it out, while at the same time, trying to cope with my packages and cane. Did I mention that I also had 6 mops to juggle? In the process, the mops were falling all over. A lovely lady customer came to my rescue and managed to free up my carrier and help me get everything organized. Meanwhile the store clerk taped the mop handles together, making it easier to deal with and roll the shopping cart out to the parking lot. I bought so much more than I had originally planned on, it occurred to me that I probably could have used a Hauling Tampa service. Lessons learned that day: Number 1. More often than not, people are thoughtful and willing to help a person in need. Number 2: Don’t buy more than you can handle in one trip.

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