The New World

It’s amazing how far the world has come. Operators once ran switchboards for phone calls, then along came dial phones followed by push buttons. Crystal radio sets, I’ve been told, were once the family entertainment soon to be replaced by radio then on to television, which in itself advanced from seven inch screens, black and white three channels to fifty two inches or more, color and cable wiring. Phonographs advanced to stereos and now music comes from all electronic sources. In the 1990’s along came the Web TV (you couldn’t watch TV and use the Web at the same time.) That was the early version of what we now call a computer. Before the computer came out, no one ever heard of addresses like, or Dictionaries and encyclopedias are pretty much passe because anything can be looked up and researched on the internet. Kids don’t ride bikes as much as they used to or play baseball in the street. Video games have taken over. At one time, if someone were seen talking out on the street when they were alone, it would be assumed that they might have a mental problem. Now everyone walks around with cell phones talking to friends out loud and nobody bats an eye. Telephone booths (like Superman used to change into costume) dotted almost every street corner. There are no booths anymore. No need when all the world carries a cell phone. Even mailboxes have disappeared. The most common mail seems to come via email.


While all of these changes are signs of advancement and proof of how the human brain has the ability to constantly think of new technology , I can’t help but wonder if, in some ways, the world might be better if we didn’t come so far. One thing that has become a drawback is the tendency for people to forego face to face conversation and communicate by the ever present cell phone with its multitude of apps. Oh well, we must take the good with the bad!

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