Trash Cans

Trash, garbage, refuse: no matter how you word it, the fact is that it has to be taken away. According to Wikipedia, prehistoric man collected garbage into mounds (called middens.) As civilization advanced, it became more apparent that a better refuse disposal system was needed. In my youth, there were aluminum cans into which people pitched all waste and trash. There were no plastic trash bags so paper bags from the grocery stores became the holder of all things considered refuse. All too often families just skipped over the use of a bag and put the dregs straight into the cans. I believe that is why rats were more of a problem because they were drawn to the stench.That was a sorry and smelly mess that created the need to wash trash containers on a regular basis. Frequent washing of the metal cans led to rusting. Not an ideal solution, to say the least! The methods we use in modern times are certainly better due to professional companies that supply larger and more weather resistant trash containers, such as dumpster rentals St. Pete. Of Course, the use of plastic trash bags has vastly improved the ways in which we can dispose of our garbage. The expense of the plastic bags is a fair trade for not having to scour out our own individual receptacles…a very unpleasant task. Dragging household garbage bins to the street has pretty much replaced the system where garbage trucks went through the alleys and picked everything up. I suppose there are still some alleys around but curb pickup is so much more civilized. The biggest drawback is having to constantly remind and encourage our youngsters to pull those cans out to the street before the trash company arrives. I’m thinking the best incentive would be to try an allowance plan…one in which no money will be handed out until the chore is done and therefore, has been earned. “No trash takeout, no cash intake.”

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